Viral RNA Extraction

Over the course of a decade, ZellBio GmbH has become a well-trusted developer and manufacturer of high quality life sciences research materials that promote scientific discovery. ZellBio’s guiding mission is to provide the off-the-shelf highest quality products to aide discovery across the life sciences through development of innovative Bioassay and Immunoassay kits as well as chemicals while minimizing cost to magnify their value to researchers working in academia and industry. The company attempts hard to exceed the expectations of its customers and strategic partners through quality of products, excellent service and rigorous attention to detail. It follows a sustainable business model, nurturing loyal business relationships with its partners to provide researchers and scientists with uniquely low prices, while maintaining high quality.

The sale of ZellBio’s products is handled by a client oriented team of specialist in molecular biology, and chemistry who are supported by our internal division of product managers and specialists.

Viral RNA Extraction

ZellBio is a small company dedicated to the success of those whom we supply, hence we aim to provide high-quality materials at competitive cost to scientists and researchers across the world. We give our customers the best so they can discover, invent, and innovate – because that is what it is about for us: The Discovery.

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