ZX-22100-100 (100 TESTS) | Coronavirus (2019‐nCoV) Real Time-qPCR Detection Kit

A novel coronavirus, currently named 2019-nCoV, causes ongoing pneumonia outbreak which started in Wuhan City in China. 2019-nCoV is a novel human coronavirus that is genetically different from the other common human coronaviruses such as 229E, NL63, OC43, HKU1, which cause seasonal acute respiratory illnesses. It is also genetically distinct from the two newer human coronaviruses, MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV. The ZellX® 2019-nCoV RT-qPCR Kit is designed for quantitative in vitro detection of 2019-nCoV using real time RT-PCR in respiratory specimens (sputum; nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal aspirates, washes or swabs; tracheal aspirates).

The ZellX® RT-qPCR Kit allows efficient cDNA synthesis and Real-Time PCR in a single tube. The qPCR Master Mix provided in the kit contains all the reagent (except PCR primers, probe and template) needed for running PCR reactions. In addition, a separate Reverse Transcriatse mix that comprises a balanced mixture of both Reverse Transcriptase and RNase Inhibitor is also provided.

Our kit also contains one set of primers and fluorescent probes to differentiate between 2019-nCoV and SARS-CoV (or bat SARS related CoV). The probes have readout in different channels. Coronavirus 2019-nCoV RNA targets are amplified and detected in the FAM channel, while Coronavirus SARS-CoV (or bat SARS related CoV) RNA targets are amplified and detected in the HEX, VIC or JOE channel (depending on the equipment used).

The assay includes Positive Control (PC) and Non-Template Control (NTC). The positive control is supplied to demonstrate that the PCR amplification is working efficiently with the supplied components. To confirm absence of contamination, a non-template (negative) control reaction should be included every time the kit is used.

It can differentiate between 2019-nCoV and SARS-CoV. MANUAL MSDS
Use: specific detection of 2019-nCoV in less than 2 hrs. Download
Sample: respiratory specimens (Sputum; nasopharyngeal,
oropharyngeal aspirates, washes or swabs; tracheal aspirates)
Quantity: 100 rxns Cat No. Size Price
ZX-22100-100 100 Tests 420.00 €
Stability: 2 years at -20°C
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