ZX-22104-50/100 | Plant RNA extraction Kit (50/100rxns)

ZellX® plant RNA extraction Kit has been designed for the quick purification of total RNA from a variety of plant tissues without phenol/chloroform treatment. It works based on the ability of RNA to bind to silica membrane in the presence of high concentrations of chaotropic salts.

The plant RNA molecules bind to the silica-based membrane, and impurities such as proteins and nucleases are removed by thorough washing with Wash Buffer. The RNA is then eluted in sterile, RNasefree water. The isolated RNA is ready to use and should be stored at – 70 °C.

Designed and validated for highly efficient, convenient & rapid (less than half an hour) purification of total RNA from a variety of plant tissues
All Molecular Biology applications
Sample: Variety of different plant tissues
Samples/Kit: 50/100 rxns
Safety: Non-phenol-chloroform extraction
Efficiency: Up to 30 μg total RNA from young leaves
Stability: RT (RNase A Solution at -20°C)

Cat No.ZX-22104-50
Size50 rxns
100 rxns
Price259.00 €
464.00 €


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