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Viral RNA Extraction
ZX-22110-100/200/400 | Dye-based one-step RT-qPCR kit with high carboxy-X-rhodamine

ZellX® One-Step Quantitative Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-qPCR) Kit grants efficient cDNA synthesis and quantitative/real-time PCR in a single tube. The PCR Master Mix provided in the kit contains a green fluorescent reporter dye plus all the reagents (except primers and RNA template) needed for running real-time PCR reactions. In addition, a separate Reverse Transcriptase mix that comprises a balanced mixture of both Reverse Transcriptase and RNase Inhibitor is provided. As an internal reference, the kit contains high concentrations of carboxy-X-rhodamine (ROXTM). Being independent from the amount of DNA template, the fluorescence signal of ROXTM is not influenced by the PCR reactions, and therefore can assist in the normalization of the reporter-dye signal during data analysis. The appropriate level of ROXTM depends on the real-time PCR instrument (Contact your instrument manufacturer for details). For low levels of ROXTM use our Dye-based one-step RT-qPCR kit with low carboxy-X-rhodamine (Cat NO. ZX-22109-100/200/400).

RT-PCR is used to amplify double-stranded DNA from single-stranded RNA templates. In the RT step the reverse transcriptase synthesizes single-stranded DNA molecules (cDNA) complementary to the RNA template. In the first cycle of the PCR, Taq DNA polymerase synthesizes DNA molecules complementary to the cDNA, thus generating a double-stranded DNA template. During subsequent cycles, the DNA polymerase exponentially amplifies the double-stranded DNA template.

Viral RNA Extraction

Compatible with most used real-time PCR machines including Applied Biosystems:7500, 7500 FAST, ViiaTM7, Analytica Jena(qTower), Roche: Lightcycler 480, Lightcycler Nano, Illumina (Eco), Cepheid (Smartcycler), Takara (Cycler Dice), BIO-RAD: iCycler, MyiQ, iQ5, Chromo4, CFX, Opticon, and many others.
Highly efficient cDNA synthesis and qPCR in a single tube
Quantity: 100, 200, 400 rxns
Stability: 2 years at -20°C

Cat No. ZX-22110-100
Size 100 RXNs
200 RXNs
400 RXNs
Price 162.00 €
313.00 €
568.00 €
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