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ZX‐88105‐1000 | EasyAssay ™ Calcein AM Cell Viability Assay (1000 Tests) 

Calcein AM or Calcein acetoxymethyl ester is a non-fluorescent, hydrophobic compound, which permeates easily through cell membranes into live cells. Inside the cytoplasm, endogenous esterases hydrolyze the non‐fluorescent calcein AM dye to calcein (highly negatively charged green fluorescent dye), which is retained in the cytoplasm in live cells. Hence, the intensity of calcein is directly proportional to the number of viable cells in culture media. The calcein AM Cell Viability assay is a fluorescent assay that measures cellular viability based on conversion of the calcein AM compound to calcein. As the fluorescent Calcein only retain in live cells, the amount of The fluorescent signal generated due to calcein is proportional to the number of viable cells in the sample. Due to the interference of esterases and phenol red in the culture medium with the fluorescence measurement, it is mandatory to replace cell culture medium with PBS prior to applying the calcein AM. The conversion of calcein AM to calcein in the assay can be quantified by measuring the fluorescent intensity at 535 nm with the excitation at 485 nm.


Use: Determination of cell viability, cell proliferation and cytotoxicity
Sample: 1000 assays
Stability: RT, Calcein AM at -20°C

Cat No. ZX‐88105‐1000
Size 1000 Assays
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