ZX-44105-96 | Bicinchoninic Acid (BCA) protein Assay (Colorimetric)

two reactions: first, the reduction of Cu2+ to Cu1+ in an alkaline medium by cysteine, cystine, tryptophan, tyrosine, and peptide bonds present in the protein, and second, the chelation of two molecules BCA with one Cu1+ which forms a water-soluble purple-colored complex. The purple-colored product exhibits a strong absorbance at 562 nm that is nearly linear with increasing protein concentrations over a broad working range (6-1,000 µg/mL).

The ZellX® BCA assay is designed to quantitatively measure protein concentration in a variety of samples. ZellX® BCA assay Kit, can measure the amount of protein at both low and normal concentration. Cu2+ ion is reduced to Cu1+ by protein under alkaline condition which is reacting with bicinchoninic acid to generate a purple‐colored product which is read at 560 nm, proportional to the protein amount. A Bovine Serum Albumin standard is provided to create a standard curve for the assay.

Species independent
Measure total protein content in samples
Sample: Serum, Plasma, Urine, Cell Lysates, and Tissue Homogenates
Sample/Kit: 41 in Duplicate
Sensitivity: 1.7 µg/mL
Stability: Room temperature

Cat No.ZX-44105-96
Size96 wells
Price108.00 €

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