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ZX-44110-96 | Urine Creatinine Assay (Colorimetric)
Creatinine (2-amino-1-methyl-5H-imidazol-4-one) is a metabolite of phosphocreatine (p-creatine) mainly in skeletal muscle tissues. P-creatine is the phosphorylated creatine which serves as a store for high-energy phosphate to be utilized for the production of ATP. Creatine either comes from the diet or synthesized from the amino acids arginine, glycine, and methionine. Creatine and p-creatine are converted non-enzymatically to the metabolite creatinine, which diffuses into blood and is excreted by kidneys. In vivo, this conversion appears to be irreversible and in vitro it is favored by higher temperatures and lower pH. Under normal conditions, its formation occurs at a rate that is relatively constant. Altered creatinine levels may be associated with conditions that result in decreased renal blood flow such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
The ZellX® Urine Creatinine Kit is designed to quantitatively measure creatinine present in urine samples. Standards (NIST calibrated) or diluted samples are pipetted into a clear microtiter plate. An assay diluent is added to all standards, controls and samples. The color generating reaction is initiated with the ZellX® Creatinine Reagent, which is pipetted into each well. The Jaffe reaction used in this kit has been modified to read creatinine levels in urine. To measure Creatinine level in the serum, use our Serum Creatinine Assay (Colorimetric) (Cat. No. ZX-44111-96)
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Species independent
Use: Measure Urine Creatinine in 30 minutes
Sample: Urine
Sample/Kit: 40 in Duplicate
Sensitivity: 0.19 mg/L
Stability: 4°C

Cat No. ZX-44110-96
Size 96 wells
Price 141.00 €
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