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ZX-66118-100/1000 | Firefly Luciferase Assay Kit

Firefly luciferase is a most abundantly used photoprotein in molecular biology and gene regulation studies such as gene expression, receptor activity, signal transduction, mRNA processing, protein folding and protein:protein interactions. Firefly luciferase or the luciferase from Photinus pyralis, is a monomeric protein with the molecular weight of 62 kDa which is active as a monomer and does not require subsequent processing for its activity. The Luciferase enzyme catalyzes the oxidation of D-luciferin in an ATP-dependent manner in the presence of Mg2+ and oxygen to oxyluciferin, and is producing light emission centered at 560 nm that is directly proportional to the quantity of luciferase enzyme in the reaction mixture. Presence of coenzyme A in the reaction mixture enhances the sensitivity of the assay and provides a sustained light reaction (half-life >5 minutes).

ZellX® firefly luciferase assay kit is a luminescence assay designed for simple and efficient quantitation of firefly luciferase reporter enzyme activity from cultured cells with high sensitivity and linearity.


Use: Quantitation of firefly luciferase reporter enzyme activity
Sample: Cultured Cells
Samples/Kit: 100 & 1000 tests
Stability: -20˚C (3 Months) / -70˚C (24 Months)

Cat No. ZX-66118-100/1000
Size 100/1000 assays
Price 92.00/458.00 €
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