ZX-55107-96 | Estradiol ELISA Kit

Estradiol (C18H24O2), also known as E2, is a major female sex hormone (strongest estrogen) which regulates menstrual reproductive cycles as well as the estrous cycle. It is a key regulator of growth, differentiation, and function in a wide array of tissues, including the male and female reproductive tracts, mammary gland, brain, skeletal and cardiovascular systems.

E2 has two distinct intracellular receptors; ERα and ERβ which are mediating the main biological functions of E2. ERα and ERβ are encoded by unique genes possessing the functional domain characteristics of the steroid/thyroid hormone superfamily of nuclear receptors. ERα, as the predominant form, is expressed in the breast, uterus, cervix, and vagina., whereas ERβ exhibits a more limited pattern and is primarily expressed in the ovary, prostate, testis, spleen, lung, hypothalamus, and thymus.

Species independent
Use: Measures Estradiol in 2.5 hours
Sample: Fecal Extracts, Urine and TCM
Sample/Kit: 41 in Duplicate
Sensitivity: 39.6 pg/mL
Stability: 4°C

Cat No.ZX-55107-96
Size96 wells
Price308.00 €
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